CMW CO2 TECHNOLOGIES have been pioneers in the Dry Ice Blasting business in India since 2004. In India. 3mm dry ice pellets were not available then,  so we developed our Mach2 Universal Dry Ice Blaster to use all formats of dry ice 3mm dry ice pellets, 8 - 16mm dry ice nuggets and Block dry ice.

In 2008 CMW CO2 TECHNOLOGIES introduced in India  3mm dry ice pellets and the use of the new technology Single hose dry ice pellet blaster. CMW CO2 TECHNOLOGIES represents Aquila Triventek- Denmark in India as their sole distributors for their dry ice manufacturing equipment and their dry ice cleaning equipment

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Our Work Process that get results

ATX25-E Single Hose Dry Ice Blasting Machine


  1. Clean Moulds & Tools in Place
  2. 100% Non Abrasive
  3. Dry Process hence rust free


  1. Easy to Handle and User Friendly
  2. Safe to use
  3. Easy to move around


  1. 24x7 Service center pan India.

ATX25-E Dry Ice Blasting Machine


  1. Compact. Lightweight. Simple to transport.
  2. Easy to move it to the workspace.
  3. Whether you areworking on a scaffold, articulating boom, next to your equipment of machinery in-situ.

User Friendly

  1. Connect air, Load ice, Ready to go.
  2. Ergonomic gun. high performance and comfortable to operate. Light and mobile.

Solid Constuction

  1. Mirror polished stainless steel.
  2. Stainless steel gun assembly.
  3. Strong aluminum blast barrels.


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Electrical Components

Rubber & Plastics

Printing & Packaging

Food & Pharmaceutical

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