We are proud to serve some of the most reputable brands in various industries. Here are some of our clients who have trusted us with their dry ice blasting needs.

Whirlpool CMW Dry Ice BlastingWhirlpool CMW Dry Ice Blasting

CEAT CMW Dry Ice BlastingCEAT CMW Dry Ice Blasting

Toyota CMW Dry Ice BlastingToyota CMW Dry Ice Blasting

Hyundai Transys  - CMW C02 Technologies PartnerHyundai Transys  - CMW C02 Technologies Partner

Minda  - CMW C02 Technologies Minda  - CMW C02 Technologies

MRF  - CMW C02 Technologies MRF  - CMW C02 Technologies

Reliance  - CMW C02 Technologies Reliance  - CMW C02 Technologies

TATA - CMW C02 Technologies TATA - CMW C02 Technologies

Brittania CMW Dry Ice BlastingBrittania CMW Dry Ice Blasting

Kellogs - CMW C02 Technologies PartnerKellogs - CMW C02 Technologies Partner

Endurance CMW Dry Ice BlastingEndurance CMW Dry Ice Blasting

Kirloskar CMW Dry Ice BlastingKirloskar CMW Dry Ice Blasting

Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of dry ice blasting by CMW CO2 Technologies. Read their testimonials and see why they choose us as their cleaning partner.

CMW machines are good and reliable, but the best part for us is the quick service provided by the team. We have a total of 5 machines. We look forward for future collaboration also.

Harshad Deshpande, Whirlpool of India

The blasters and technology provided by CMW is the best and most efficient way to clean iron foundry castings. The team is quick to solve your problems. And gives us excellent after sales support.

Chandra Hullur, Kirloskar Ferrous

Very Good service by CMW!

Lloyd Ruzario, MRF

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